Vasa® Power Cord Kit

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The Vasa Power Cord kit lets you increase the resistance when exercising on the Vasa "Trainer Pro" swim bench

  • Ideal for exercises on the Vasa "Trainer Pro"
  • Lets you increase resistance easily
  • Increases your strength during leg exercises
  • Can be attached to your training equipment quickly and easily
  • 4 different levels of resistance: extra light, light, medium and heavy
The Vasa Power Cord kit: change the amount of resistance to suit your training level
The Vasa Power Cord kit is the ideal piece of training equipment to accompany the Vasa "Trainer Pro" swim bench. The set allows you to choose the resistance level to suit you, letting you improve your strength during leg exercises too. The set consists of 4 robust resistance bands with different level of resistance: very easy, easy, medium and difficult. You can attach the cable to your training equipment in seconds.

Product information:
  • Material: wire cable
  • 4 levels of resistance

Levels of resistance:
  • Very easy: 2.72-7.26 kg, green
  • Easy: 3.18-10.43 kg, red
  • Medium: 4.08-12.7 kg, blue
  • Difficult: 5.44-17.24 kg, black